Radiohead - The King of Limbs
UK kings rub a dub, and push the envelope of a 'rock' record with this short but sweet spin.
Download: "Feral"

Eddie Vedder
- Ukelele Songs
Pearl Jam frontman steps into the moonlight with a romantic and sophisticated uke album.
Download: "Sleepless Nights"

- Here's To Taking It Easy
A doozy of an alt-country album, it can pull your heartstrings and make you dance, often in the same song.
"It's Hard to Be Humble (When You're From Alabama)"

AA Bondy
- Believers
Bondy shows a dark side in this moody but consistant departure from the usual.
Download: "Rte. 28/Believers"

Ryan Adams
- Ashes & Fire
Mr. Personality goes solo again after some time off, and it's wonderful. Record number 11 of the year.
Download: "Ashes & Fire"

Deer Tick
- Divine Providence
Fueled by whiskey, these Providence punks blur the line, then do the line, between rock, punk, and blues.
Download: "Main Street"