Tim Presley's expansive lo-fi acid trip of a double album tries to take you everywhere the 60's did in under 90 minutes whilst pushing the limits of where home recording can go, and how awfully good it can sound. They range from quiet folk style songs, to face melting echo chambers. Most of the songs are ripe for the plucking for a Wes Anderson soundtrack.

I got into the California lo-fi scene this year, and even though I dig Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, I prefer the way Tim Presley does it. Even though he injects the absurd and nasty in many of the songs, there is still a serious commitment to melody throughout both volumes.

"I would never leave you alone, I would give you a thousand years," a perfect opening line, with the perfect amount of tape echo, starts the last track on side A, "Take Away Life Endless Take." A nice little pop ditty before a mental breakdown on side B ("It Will Never Be" > "Soaring Daily Pique No. 2") Every time he pushes your patience with noise, he gives you pop gold, kind of like a California Bob Pollard. "Breathe Again" is a solid country-fried standout on the more complete Vol. 1.

The slightly weirder, schitzoid Vol. 2 is no shortage of melodic gems. Multiple layers of guitars and vocals stretch "I'd Sing This Song" from a drone to right of passage. My favorite track on the whole double album is "A Good Night" with great melody, lyrics and transitions.

If it all gets a little exhausting (it is a double album, after all) you can easily digest each volume by itself, and they both will hold water. That's really what a psychedelic double record should be though, right? Just ask Paul McCartney. Anyway, you'll find plenty to love on this expansive set.

White Fence released another album this year, Hair, a collaboration with Ty Segall (who put out three himself) is worth a listen if you dig both artists.