The lead track to Langhorne Slim's fourth album is perhaps my favorite song from this year. "The Way We Move" is unapologetic and fierce, but feels like you're at a party. It's just THIS far from being in a Budweiser commercial. From there, this album never lets up. It's the best I've heard from Langhorne, and his small band now feel like an extension of him, they're so good.

Through the 14 songs, they range from rusty garage stomps, to quiet country reflections, and everywhere in-between. It is a roller coaster from upbeat to laid back all the way through, which keeps it from sounding repetitive. It seems a little unfair that the genre of music Slim has been touting for almost a decade, is now being championed by the likes of Edward Sharpe, Mumford & Sons, the Lumineers, etc., with no real exposure for Slim.

Langhorne and the boys show them all how it's really done on this LP. "Bad Luck" is a truckin' statement of regret and retreat. "Salvation" is confessional folk tune, and Langhorne's unusually reserved vocals sell the brilliant chorus. "Someday" is a damn near perfect song, and only needs 1:26 to convince you. Get your notebook, Marcus Mumford.

"The Great Divide" starts out side B, and while it's instrumentation is somewhat sparse, it feels so huge. Langhorne has a great folksman vibe to him, and this allows him to make observations about life without coming off like a prick. "I read the magazines, I watch the television, and I'm surprised the Earth's still spinning at all, but the sun still shines." It's hard to argue with being lost after that. Then, "Just A Dream" is in the same key as "The Great Divide, which is so cool, and it resolves the break.

"Song for Sid" is about as good a tribute for a grandfather as I've heard. I'm sure the vocal takes were tough. "Wild Soul" is another great track, and has a little more of that popular 'indie' sound. "Two Crooked Hearts" is a raucous burst of freedom. The ballad "Past Lives" is a fine end to an incredible and enjoyable record.

If you've never listened to Langhorne Slim before, this is a great place to start.